Panchsheel Park S Blk

Panchsheel Park is a posh colony of South Delhi, surrounded by Haus Khas, Siri Fort road and Shahpur Jat. It's famous for its club facility 'Panchsheel Club' which in-house sports facilities, restaurants & gym. Panchsheel is a peaceful locality with all the amenities nearby. Max Multi Speciality Centre is also within walking distance. This locality is close to Select City Walk and DLF Saket. Panchsheel Park S-Block has a very big well-maintained park for kids and elders. S Block has plot sizes from 280 sq.yds to 800 sq.yds offering multiple options as per individual's budget constraint. A lot of prominent developers are operating in Panchsheel Park including Uppal, LFW, Metro & Sanskar Homes.

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Low Density Premium Colony (250-500)

280,  300,  400,  500 , 800 (in sq. yard)

  • A 300 Sq.yd with 2025 Sq.Ft would cost you ₹ 5 Cr. to 5.75 Cr.
  • A 500 Sq.yd with 2531 Sq.Ft would cost you ₹ 7.5 Cr. to 9.25 Cr.
  • A 800 Sq.yd with 4050 Sq.Ft would cost you ₹ 14 Cr. to 16 Cr.

Uppal’s, Metro, LFW, Sanskar Homes, Ramesh Aggarwal, D. D. Mishra and many more

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