Nizamuddin East

Nizamuddin East is a residential neighborhood located in South Delhi, India, and it comprises of various plot sizes. The area is known for its upscale homes and wide roads, making it an attractive option for those looking for a luxurious lifestyle.

The plots in Nizamuddin East vary in size and shape, with some measuring as small as 100 square yards, while others can be as large as 500 square yards or more. The most common plot sizes in the neighborhood are around 200-300 square yards, which are considered to be a good size for a single-family home.

nizamuddin east

Detailed Locality Information​

Boutique Residential Colony (100-200)

₹ 12 Lac to ₹ 15Lac (per sq. yard)

  • A 250 Sq.yd with 2025 Sq.Ft would cost you ₹ 8 Cr. to 10Cr.
  • A 500 Sq.yd with 2531 Sq.Ft would cost you ₹ 12 Cr. to 15Cr.

Properties in Nizamuddin East

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